Domain Reputation Intelligence

Spamhaus has constantly updated domain-based threat intelligence which you can use to block email if a low reputation or malicious domain is part of an email message.

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Domain Block List

What it contains

Domains owned by spammers and used for spam or other malicious purposes. Also domains owned by non-spammers, used for legitimate purposes, but abused by spammers. Both spam and legitimate list include basic spam, phishing, malware, botnet C&C and redirector domains.

Benefits to you

Domain based block lists complement IP-reputation threat data which is based on a sender’s reputation. You get extra protection because even if a spammer has used a clean IP to send email, domain block listing identifies low reputation or malicious domains in the email message.


Zero Reputation Domain

What it contains

Cyber criminals use newly registered and active domains to send spam and drive traffic to harmful websites hoping that users will fall victim before a domain has been analyzed for its reputation. ZRD automatically adds newly-registered and previously dormant domains to a block list for 24 hours

Benefits to you

Legitimate organizations will rarely activate a domain and start using it immediately after registration so ZRD protects you and your users from clicking on links and visiting domains until it can be firmly established that they are not associated with malicious activities.

Free Public Mirror Rsync Data Query Service
Get the best protection for your enterprise with Spamhaus Technology's enhanced services Non-commercial use - a free public service to fight spam worldwide Full data sets, updated periodically for large volume users and commercial re-use The fastest access possible to continuously updated data, ideal for small to medium-sized organizations
DBL Yes Yes Yes
Escalation listings removed (Minimise false positive rate) No Yes Yes
ZRD No No Yes
Continuously updated No Yes YesYesYes
Support available No Yes Yes
High volume Yes YesYes Yes
Online reports available No No Yes
Custom license options, typically for creation of derivative products No Yes No

All options are easy to integrate with data feeds in industry standard formats so no special customization required.

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