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Response Policy Zones (RPZ) factsheet

RPZ is a powerful way to block malicious domains and is a highly effective tool in developing best practices across any enterprise.

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Annual Botnet Report

The Spamhaus Project report details existing and emerging cyber threats. In the past year, Spamhaus researchers issued listings for over 7,000 botnet Command & Control (‘C&C’) servers on more than 1,100 different networks.

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Email security: The Spamhaus approach

Spam is a problem that just hasn’t gone away. It’s evolved from resource draining ‘affiliate spam’ used to send high volumes of unsolicited marketing messages to the current state where cyber criminals use email to deliver targeted malware and ransomware. They are determined to steal data, commit fraud and exploit your networks. Cyber criminals rely on volume and velocity so real-time threat intelligence from Spamhaus, drawn from live sources across the internet, is your best, first line of defence.

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Zero Reputation Domain (ZRD) Factsheet

Blocking email traffic associated with recently registered Domains provides an extra layer of protection against malware, ransomware and spamming. The ZRD blocklist from Spamhaus is proven and easy to implement.

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Rackspace and Response Policy Zone Case Study

Global managed cloud provider Rackspace is protecting customers and improving connectivity by using the Response Policy Zone (RPZ) data service from Spamhaus to block malicious domain traffic and botnet activity.

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