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Reputation-based threat intelligence for email management – an essential element of multi-layered security.

Our Data Query Service gives you the fastest access to IP and Domain-based threat intelligence.

Automated protection from spam, malware, ransomware and phishing emails.

Find out just how cost effective using the Spamhaus Data Query Service can be

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Zen - IP data (PBL/SBL/XBL)
Domain name data (DBL & ZRD)
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Add Domain name data to Zen for a 20% price reduction compared to buying Domain name data on its own.

Total Number Of Users is the total number of email accounts you provide service for, including email users you forward email for. Query Service provides access to a set of dedicated private Spamhaus DNSBL query servers which will answer standard SBL/PBL/XBL, ZEN or DBL DNSBL queries from your mail server(s).
Data Query Service for for users
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