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The risk posed by phishing emails and criminals’ use of fastflux to evade blocklists have driven the requirement for new techniques to protect internet users.

Security organizations rely on live threat intelligence, from multiple sources, to help them to protect their customers from the latest cybercriminal exploits.

In addition to IP-based reputation contained in the DNSBLs, Spamhaus’ global team of security researchers maintain constantly updated domain-based blocklists.

Spamhaus’ domain-based reputation data is compiled from a range of live sources. These include information on DNS glue records, WhoIs records, bad domain neighbourhoods, domains on hold and with short-term expiry dates, Alexa web traffic activity data and temporal data showing the most recent domain registrations and new senders of web and email traffic.

To protect users from clicking on links that take them to unknown, uncategorized domains that could be harmful, Spamhaus Technology has introduced a new Zero Reputation Domain (ZRD) service based on Spamhaus’ temporal data. ZRD automatically adds newly-registered domains to a blocklist, allowing you to protect your customers from receiving emails from new malicious domains.

Spamhaus Technology’s continuously updated ZRD datastream allows security providers to block email traffic sent from newly-registered domains before they can do any harm.

The ZRD blocklist helps to protect your users from clicking on links and visiting newly-registered domains until it can be firmly established that they are not associated with zero day attacks; phishing; bot-herding; spyware and ransomware campaigns.

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