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By identifying spammers, bot herders and cyber criminals, Spamhaus protects three billion mailboxes worldwide, every day.

Reputation-based threat intelligence - an essential element of multi-layered security.

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About Spamhaus

Email is mission critical to all businesses and organizations, retaining a unique position as the most common communication tool across the internet.

However its widespread use makes it a key channel for cyber criminals to take advantage of your data, your money and your networks. For more than a decade we have been helping organizations protect against such activity through our reputation-based threat intelligence.

You need to trust your connections online and with Spamhaus data, you have a first line of defense advising you of the reputation of email entering your network.

What we do

Spamhaus Technology delivers continuously updated data feeds worldwide; for individuals, businesses of all sizes, government departments and civic organizations.

These data feeds effortlessly provide email administrators and security teams with threat intelligence so that you can block suspicious inbound email, providing a robust first line of defense.

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