IP Reputation Intelligence

IP addresses observed to be involved in sending or hosting spam, including hijacked servers and computers infected with botnet malware.

Spamhaus ZEN combines the power of all IP data sets into a single block list.

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Spam senders

Spamhaus Block List


What it contains

IPs identified to Spamhaus’ best ability as likely:

  • Direct spam sources,
  • Spammer hosting/DNS
  • Spam gangs
  • Spam support services.
Benefits to you

Filters out a significant majority of email threats before they have a chance to access your network. More time for you and your security team to focus on in-depth analysis and investigation.

Bot & malware infected computers

Exploits Block List


What it contains

IP addresses hosting:

  • Bots
  • Malware-infected computers.

Automated tools observe SMTP connections for spamtrap and production mail servers in near-real-time to find characteristic patterns of malware or botnet-infected computers.

Benefits to you

Cyber criminals exploit and hijack legitimate networks so with XBL you can block email traffic from what might first appear to be a trusted source.

IoT devices

Policy Block List


What it contains

IP address ranges for end-user devices from which email should never be sent:

  • IoT devices
  • Home routers
  • Smart TVs

The PBL lists IPs not because they are actively sending spam, but as a pre-emptive measure to prevent spam from networks that should send no email at all.

Benefits to you

There’s been a massive growth in IoT devices but not all are secured correctly. Keep connected to IoT devices for their intended purpose while blocking unwanted email traffic.

Free Public Mirror Rsync Data Query Service
Get the best protection for your enterprise with Spamhaus Technology's enhanced services Non-commercial use - a free public service to fight spam worldwide Full data sets, updated periodically for large volume users and commercial re-use The fastest access possible to continuously updated data, ideal for small to medium-sized organizations
 Yes Yes Yes
Escalation listings removed (Minimise false positive rate) No Yes Yes
Continuously updated No Yes YesYesYes
Support available No Yes Yes
High volume Yes YesYes Yes
Online reports available No No Yes
Custom license options, typically for creation of derivative products No Yes No

All options are easy to integrate with data feeds in industry standard formats so no special customization required.

Power up

Use Power Up data sets to boost protection against specific threats.

Cyber criminals use force and fraud botnets to get into networks through Logins, forms and Sign Up pages.

With Spamhaus Auth BL you can block malicious traffic at the point of form submission with very little risk of blocking legitimate users. It of particular value to companies which are prone to customer account attacks.

The Spamhaus AuthBL lists:

AuthBL is a free service to Spamhaus Data Query Service subscribers.

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